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Southern Wholesale Lumber Co.


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600 S. First St.

Fairfield, IL  62837


6 buildings & lots on US Highway

4 Loading Docks

Railroad siding


For Sale $499,000.00


Previously used as a wholesale building material distributor, this property would be an ideal location for many wholesale, retail, industrial, agricultural, and oil & energy production uses.  The Fairfield area is poised for an oil & gas boom play.  This property has lots of potential.

Site: 232 x 361 + 57.5 x 116 (approximately 90,422 square feet). Main access to the subject property is directly off of State Route 45 on the west side. Additional access is directly off of SE 2nd Street on the east side of the subject property. The site is serviced by all public utilities. Security streetlights are in place.


Improvements: The property is improved with six buildings used for wholesale storage and office.


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Building 1: The front portion of Building 1 is a steel frame building situated on a slab and includes loading docks; the rear part of Building 1 is pole frame; the office for the business in located in the northwest corner of Building 1 along 1st Street (also known as State Route 45). Total area of Building 1 is approximately 44,554 square feet, with approximately 1,844 square foot for office area and the remaining 42,710 square feet used for loading/unloading and warehouse. All of Building 1 is wired. Service access to Building 1 is located at the front, rear and yard side of the building. There is also a working railroad car access.  The office area includes the main customer entry, reception area, office area, three private offices, two restrooms, furnace/storage room, break room with kitchen and large hallway with file cabinets. The interior finish of the office includes commercial grade carpet on the floors, paneling and drop ceilings. The office is centrally heated and cooled.


Building 2: Building 2 is located along SE 2nd Street at the center and rear of the subject property. Building 2 is pole frame with wood trusses and serves as additional storage. Gross building size is approximately 4,292 square feet. Building 2 is connected to Building 1 with a 22 wide x 76 canopy for additional material storage.


Building 3: Building 3 is a steel frame building with 20 eaves. This building, located on the northeast corner of the subject property along SE 2nd Street, is approximately 10,932 square feet and is used for equipment storage.


Buildings 4 & 5: Building 4 is a pole frame building located on the north side of the subject property behind Building 5 and is used for miscellaneous storage. The gross building area is approximately 2,400 square feet.  Building 5 is a frame building and is insulated. This building includes a hanging gas forced warm air furnace. Building 5 is located along 1st Street (also known as State Route 45) and is used for miscellaneous storage. The location of this building, along with the parking area in the front of Building 5, would give the appearance of possibly using for a business other than storage. Gross area of Building 5 is approximately 3,180 square feet.


Building 6: Building 6 is a 2,238 square foot frame building with low ceilings and limited access. This building is used for storage only.


Additional Comments: All buildings are situated on concrete slabs. The yard area surrounded by the buildings is asphalt.  Buildings 1 and 3 are the newer and better maintained buildings. Buildings 2 and 5 are also well maintained for their use as storage. Buildings 4 and 6 are in fair condition. The location of the property is good for its current use as warehouse storage for building materials.




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Home Building 1 Building 2 Building 3 Buildings 4 & 5 Building 6


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